How to Wash a North Face Backpack

Are you trying to find the best way to wash your favorite North Face backpack but too scared you may ruin one of your favorite bags? Not to worry, all North Face bags can be easily washed in your home washing machine or by hand.

If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to machine wash or hand wash your North Face backpack this article is for you. 

This how-to guide will provide you with tons of helpful information, tips, and instruction on the best ways to clean your North Face backpacks, extending its life, and keep it looking just as fabulous as the day you bought it.

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How to Wash North Face Backpack (A Complete Guide)

There are three main ways to clean your North Face backpack, washing it by hand, tossing it in your home washing machine, and taking it to the cleaners. Each of these options are equally effective in keeping your bag in great condition.

When washing your backpacks, make check to see what fabrics it is made from in order to determine the best plan of action. We already did this for you with the North Face brands, and they mainly use synthetic materials on their bags including nylon and polyester.

These fabrics are common in many items that need something durable yet light weight and comfortable.

Luckily, both of these fabrics are fairly simple to wash and keep clean as long as you know wat you are doing.

How to Wash Your North Face Backpack by Hand

Whether you spilled something small on your backpack and it needs a spot clean, or you want to wash it completely by hand, there are simple ways to do this from home. All you need is a few simple tools and a little bit of time.

Prepare the Water

To start, you will want to fill a cup or bucket with clean lukewarm water. Make sure the water and the container you are putting it in is clean and free from paints or dyes that could dissolve in the water, adding colors to your bag.

Find the Right Soap

If your bag is too soiled and needs more than a simple wipe down with water, you will want to select a mild soap. Do not use anything with harsh chemicals or fragrances as these may break down the backpack’s materials.

Wet the Cloth and Dab the Spot

Use a soft washcloth and dab the soiled areas that need removed. If you encounter some stubborn stains, you can try using a soft bristled toothbrush and scrub away the stain in a circular motion.

Although the North Face company doesn’t recommend completely submerging the backpack. You can do so if the whole bag needs to be cleaned. (Do this quickly).

Rinse the Soap Scum Away

Once the backpack is clean, rinse it down with fresh lukewarm water, until the suds, bubbles, and dirty water stops flowing from the bag.

Hold the bag over the sink or tub until it stops dripping. (Try not to squeeze or squish the backpack too much as this can wear away at the fabric and leave wrinkles or creases.)

Air Dry

Never toss your North Face backpack into the dryer. Hang it somewhere in the home at room temperature and let it air dry 100%.

How to Wash a North Face Backpack in the Washing Machine

Many people are scared to wash their backpacks in washing machines because it is often discouraged for many types of backpacks and bags. Luckily, this is not necessarily the case for this particular backpack brand.

North Face bags are made from durable materials that can easily be washed in a home washing machine on the warm water setting and with a mild soap. (Never use bleach).

Before placing the bag into the washing machine, you will have to prepare it. Make sure nothing is inside the pockets or zippers then close all openings and turn the backpack inside out. (Doing this will keep the hardware protected.)

Then place the backpack inside a pillowcase or a mesh bag so the straps do not get tangled or caught on the machine or other clothing items.

Once those steps are covered, your bag is ready to go.

After the cycle is complete, take your backpack out of the machine and hang it on a large hanger somewhere inside the home, allowing the bag to air dry. (Again, never tossing your backpack into a dryer.)

Calling in the Professionals

Sometimes it is easier to simply call in the professionals when it comes to washing non-clothing items. There are many cleaners out there who can easily wash your North Face backpack without causing any damage.

Look up local dry cleaners or find laundry mat in your area that have experience in washing different types of backpacks, bags, and purses. These places will know what to use to wash each type of material to make sure it is properly cleaned and cared for, and you won’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

Essential Tips and Tricks for Washing Your North Face Backpack

Washing any expensive item can become nerve-wracking. These backpacks can go through so much and get very dirty, but you never want to do anything to ruin them when trying to get them to come clean. 

Here is a list of tips and tricks to help keep your bag in top shape without doing anything that might damage it.

Check the Tags

Before you head to the washroom, check the tags on the backpack you plan on washing. North Face labels all its products with specific cleaning instructions and it’s important to follow this information as closely as possible.

Although most items will provide the same instructions, checking the tag will give you a piece of mind or even provide you with helpful information. You should be able to find the tag of each backpack stitched on the inside.

Empty Pockets and Open Zippers

We place some of the most damaging items directly into the pockets of our backpacks and bags. The most common items are pens, markers, chap stick, gum, or candy. All of these items, when wet or dried in your washing machine, can melt and completely ruin your North Face bag. 

Always make sure you open all the zippered pockets and check everywhere before washing your backpack. 

Make sure you zip up and snap up zippers and buttons before throwing them into the washing machine.

Steer Clear of Bleaches and Fabric Softeners

Harsh chemicals can ruin the material and additives on your backpack, destroying the properties that make them durable and long-lasting. Never use bleach on any of your North Face items and it is preferred you not add fabric softeners to the load when you are drying them.

Another great tip to consider is to run the washing machine on a second rinse and spin cycle once the first go-around is complete when washing your backpack in a machine. This will ensure all of the excess water and laundry soap have been rinsed off and squeezed out as much as possible.

North Face Backpack FAQs

Do you still have questions regarding the care of your North Face backpack? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions, along with something helpful answers.

Are North Face Backpacks Made with Water Resistant Materials?

North Face backpacks are not water resistant. However, they are made from a water repellent material that causes liquid to bead up when it hits the surface protecting everything inside from getting wet.

Can You Bleach a White North Face Backpack?

Even though the backpack is white, you should never bleach it. These bags are made from durable water-resistant materials that make it hard to stain the fabrics. Simply washing your white backpack just like you would any other color should get it cleaned.

Using bleach or any other harsh chemicals can ruin the backpacks material, removing the water repellent formula and breaking down the fabric.

Can You Waterproof a North Face Backpack?

If you have noticed that your North Face backpack is starting to absorb water or the content inside is starting to get when it rains, snows, etc., then you can spray a high-quality water-resistant product onto the surface of the bag.

A great option often used by many people to keep their backpacks and bags waterproof is Nikwax. With this product, simply spray an even coating over the outside of the item and seams, then let it air dry.

Summing Things Up

North Face backpacks are popular options amongst student, backpackers, and many others. These bags are fashionable, versatile, and best of all durable. Backpacks are designed to go through a lot of wear and tear, but you always want to keep it in the best condition possible.

Luckily, these bags are easy to wash so you can flaunt your favorite backpack for years.

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