How To Clean and Care For Your Louis Vuitton Canvas Handbag

If your Louis Vuitton canvas handbag needs cleaning, here are the simple steps to make it look good as new:

  1. Make a warm, soapy water mixture with a mild, unscented soap
  2. Soak a soft cloth (microfiber or similar) in the soapy mixture and squeeze out the excess water
  3. Gently rub the cloth in circular motions across the canvas surface of the bag (avoiding any leather if possible)
  4. Repeat as needed until the bag is clean
  5. Pat dry or let the clean bag air dry before using 

Like most luxury items, Louis Vuitton handbags need to be cared for in a specific way to retain their integrity over time. In this article, we are going to give you all the information you need on how to keep your canvas LV bag looking brand new for years to come.

What do I need to clean my Louis Vuitton bag? 

If you own one of the iconic Louis Vuitton canvas handbags, the best way to care for them is to adopt a “less is more” approach. Most Louis Vuitton handbags are made from a durable coated canvas material with some leather trim around the edges and straps. 

To clean a canvas LV bag, including the popular monogram and Damier print bags, you will need the following: 

  • Soft washcloth (microfiber is best or another non-abrasive material)
  • Mild, unscented soap
  • Warm water

How often should I clean my Louis Vuitton bag?

You only need to clean your Louis Vuitton bag if it gets dirty or before you plan to store it for any length of time. The thick coated canvas that the bags are made from can withstand quite a bit of dirt and dust and is pretty resistant to stains, especially the darker color fabrics. 

You do not need a regular cleaning routine for your bag, but just spot clean if you notice something on it. You could give it a once-over once a year if you wish. The great thing about LV canvas bags is the material is very durable and low-maintenance by design.

Also, if you are putting your bag away for the season or plan to store it for any length of time it’s always a good idea to give it a quick clean before storing it so that it doesn’t sit with dust and dirt on it. 

What can I use to clean my Louis Vuitton bag on the go? 

If you’re out and about and you spill something on your bag or set it down in something dirty, there are some options to clean it quickly. 

Here are some things you can use to spot clean your bag in a pinch:

  • Water-based baby wipe (Water Wipes brand or similar)
  • A paper towel, warm water, and soap
  • Micellar water and a cotton round or sponge
  • A soft bristle brush and warm water

How do I store my Louis Vuitton bag after cleaning? 

If you’re ready to put your precious Louis Vuitton bag away for a while, always make sure it’s recently been cleaned to get any dirt and grime off the surface. You never want to store a dirty handbag because it can cause damage to the material as it sits in storage. 

Once your bag is clean and ready to put away, always place it in the dust bag that came with your LV bag. If you misplaced your dust bag, a clean pillowcase will do the trick as well. This helps protect it from collecting dust and keeps it looking as clean as the day you put it there.

Make sure that you place the bag in a cool, dry place and avoid placing it in a box or plastic bag. You want to make sure it’s somewhere that air circulates and is not in the sunlight. 

Excessive heat or moisture will break down the materials over time and could damage your bag. Also for larger bags, you can stuff them with tissue paper or newspaper to help them hold their shape.

If you plan to store your Louis Vuitton bag for a long time, make sure to take it out every 6 months or so. It will prolong the life of your bag to let it air out, change out the stuffing, and check to make sure it is still in good shape. 

Can I use a Magic Eraser on my Louis Vuitton bag? 

It’s not recommended to use a Magic Eraser on your Louis Vuitton bag. Not only are they not very effective at taking stains off the LV canvas material, but Magic Erasers are very abrasive and can remove or damage the finish of the canvas on your bag.

If you have a bag with one of the Damier patterns a Magic Eraser may even take some of the pattern off with it, so you definitely want to avoid using them. 

How do I clean the leather on my Louis Vuitton bag? 

If your Louis Vuitton has leather sections or straps/trim that are made of leather, resist the urge to use leather solvents and conditioners on it. These are much too harsh in most cases and can affect the integrity of your bag.

The leather on Louis Vuitton bags is designed to “patina” as it ages. It darkens in some areas when it’s exposed to the elements or just from natural wear. If the leather gets wet, blot it with a soft towel and let it dry. Once it patinas, the water spot will become much less noticeable. 

What should I never use to clean my Louis Vuitton bag? 

With an item as expensive as a Louis Vuitton bag, you want to take great care of it. It can be tempting to want to deep clean it and use all kinds of protective products to help it last a long time. This will ultimately do more harm than good to your nice designer bag, so less is more. 

Here are some things you should never use on your Louis Vuitton bag:

  • Hand sanitizer or any other alcohol-based cleaners
  • Magic Erasers
  • Colored or scented soap
  • Solvents, leather conditioners, or leather cleaners (except for vintage bags)

Should I clean the zippers on my Louis Vuitton bag? 

You don’t need to specifically clean the zippers and zipper pulls on your bag unless they get dirty or you want them to be very shiny. Also, if you have a vintage Louis Vuitton bag or wallet you may want your hardware to match the aging on the rest of your bag. 

If you notice them starting to look a little less shiny over time, you can use a tiny bit of brass polish on a small cloth or Q-tip to shine it up. 

Make sure to avoid getting any of the brass polish on any leather or canvas surfaces of the bag to prevent damaging it. If you do accidentally get any polish on the other surfaces, wipe it away with a clean, damp cloth immediately to prevent it from setting in. 

How do I get a stain out of my Louis Vuitton bag?

As much as you take great care of your Louis Vuitton, sometimes stains are inevitable. Most of the material used on these bags is pretty stain-resistant, but it can happen. 

The Damier Azul fabric is especially susceptible to stains because it’s so light in color, so it’s best to keep it away from highly pigmented items like dark jeans, black clothing, etc. 

If the stain is on the canvas, it should come out with just some mild soap or laundry detergent and warm water. Put the mixture on a soft cloth and agitate the stain in circular motions, rinsing the cloth as many times as needed to prevent the stain from setting in. 

If the stain is on the leather, try to use as little product as possible to get the stain out. For small, faint stains you may want to leave it alone and allow it to patina naturally. Once the spot patinas, the stain will be much less noticeable.

If the stain is bad and you need to use something stronger than soap and water, Kiwi Saddle Soap is a great gentle option. Use it sparingly and make sure to get all of it off with water before using or storing your bag to prevent residue from staying on the bag.

How do I care for my vintage Louis Vuitton bag? 

If you have a vintage Louis Vuitton piece, you still want to only use limited products on it to help it stay in the best shape possible. Soap and water with a soft cloth is always going to be the best option. These bags are built to last and hold up through the years. 

For older leather pieces, you may want to use saddle soap as mentioned above or consider moisturizing the leather with a gentle moisturizer or conditioning product to prevent cracking and deterioration.

Vintage leather Louis Vuitton pieces will likely have a lot of patina, which can look uneven in some spots. This is normal and expected as all leather doesn’t age at the same rate. 

Once the leather starts to darken, there is no way to reverse that process. Many LV owners love the patina and will actively seek out vintage pieces because they desire that look. 

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