15 Grinch Christmas Crafts for Kids

One of the most familiar characters at Christmas time is the Grinch from Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The beloved grinch and his heartwarming Christmas story serve as a perfect reminder of the spirit of the holiday. To celebrate his transformation or welcome the holiday spirit, put on a grinch movie, bake these yummy Grinch sugar cookies, and enjoy these 15 Grinch Christmas crafts for kids.

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What’s the story of the Grinch?

The Grinch is a lonely grouchy green creature whose heart is two sizes too small. He’s determined to steal Christmas from the town’s people of Whoville, but after stealing their presents, decorations, and a Christmas tree, he’s surprised to see the townspeople still celebrate together on Christmas morning. Even the mean old grinch can’t resist joining them, and upon experiencing the true meaning of Christmas, his heart grows three sizes!

It’s no wonder why he’s a favorite character at Christmas year after year and adored by so many. Watching his heart grow will make your heart melt! If you and your kids love the Grinch too, these Grinch-themed crafts are a fun project to do in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Grinch Christmas crafts

1. Grinch Edible Playdough – Kimspired DIY

This Grinch playdough is edible, easy to make, and smells good too. There’s no cooking involved either. Place the green playdough in a heart-shaped container and decorate it with some stickers to finish off the treat. This makes a perfect craft for kids of any age.

2. Grinch Slime – Little Bins For Little Hands

Children will have so much fun with this eye-catching green Grinch slime. It’s great for children who want sensory play or sensory activities while still celebrating the Grinch theme. You can even customize the slime to make it just how you like it such as adding foam beads, clay, or foil for extra shine.

3. Easy Grinch Ornament – Rainy Day Mum

This easy Grinch ornament is a simple and fun craft for toddlers and preschoolers. You can put it together while another person reads the book.

4. Grinch Handprint – The Best Ideas for Kids

These Grinch handprints are too cute! Make cards that look like the Grinch, the dog Max, or Cindy Lou Who and give them as Christmas cards or gift tags.

5. Clothespin Grinch Craft – Non-Toy Gifts

This Clothespin Grinch craft is an easy craft requiring only three supplies! Both younger children and older kids can join in making these. Make a bunch to keep or give away. They’re great for hanging up Christmas cards.

6. Paper Plate Grinch Heart Craft – Non-Toy Gifts

This paper plate Grinch heart craft skips the grinch’s face and focuses on his heart instead. Threading the yarn through the holes is a good way for kids to work on their fine motor skills.

7. Grinch Tissue Paper Craft – Simple Everyday Mom

This Grinch tissue paper craft is another fun activity that’s great for fine motor skills because children have to glue on lots of tissue paper. Don’t the grinch’s eyes look scary?

8. Christmas Science Grow Grinch’s Heart – Creative Family Fun

How neat is this Grinch science experiment? This is a great way to get in some learning and have fun blowing up balloons.

9. Grinch Gingerbread Man – Simple Everyday Mom

This Grinch gingerbread man is easy to make with a few supplies. He’s so cute with his scarf and lines of icing that you might want to eat him.

10. Grinch Heart Peeps Candy Science Experiment – Rainy Day Mum

This Grinch heart science experiment looks at which liquids will help the heart grow. They make good discussion starters for how the Grinch’s heart changed and how that could affect him.

11. Kid Made Salt Dough Grinch Christmas Ornaments – Kitchen Counter Chronicle

These salt dough Grinch ornaments are darling and allow for so much kid creativity. It’s easy to make several of these ornaments so kids with lots of ideas can have fun making an ornament look like the grinch face or decorating one with a different aspect of the story or something else about Christmas altogether. Kids of all ages can partake in this fun craft.

12. Grinch Sensory Bag and Letter Activity – Raising Dragons

This Grinch sensory bag lets kids use their hands to feel around the bag and discover letters making learning letters a holiday activity and fun too!

13. Grinch Line Study – Craft Play Learn

This Grinch line study is good for children who are learning about lines or drawing lines. They can fill the page with lines and the color in the picture.

14. Toilet Paper Roll Grinch Craft – Kitchen Counter Chronicle

This toilet paper roll Grinch craft is a sweet Grinch Christmas craft for the classroom, Christmas parties, or just to make at home. And you can extend the craft to create any holiday character.

15. Wood Heart Grinch Ornament – Non-Toy Gifts

This wooden heart Grinch ornament is easy to make and so cute with a Santa hat on top. They would make a great gift tag or Grinch decoration. Plus you can save extra wooden hearts for Valentine’s day or Mother’s day crafts too.

There are so many wonderful Grinch crafts to make this holiday season that I can’t pick just one. I might have to plan a few afternoons of fun Grinch crafts and a family movie night to watch some of the movie adaptations. Now I have to go get my green paint and hot glue gun ready! Which craft will you make first?

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