15 Best Thumbprint Cookies

Ever since having Knott’s Berry Farm shortbread cookies with the raspberry jam middle as a child, my favorite cookies have been thumbprint cookies. Whether they’re made with sugar cookies or shortbread cookies, the filling options are endless and they come out so tasty – perfect as everyday afternoon snacks or for special occasions like cookie exchanges. Take a look at these best thumbprint cookie recipes that will leave you craving these delicious treats!

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A few things to note before making jam thumbprint cookies:

  • Thumbprint cookies are called this because you press a raw ball of dough with your thumb. The jam will go in the center of each cookie. You don’t have to use your thumb. A small cookie scoop, a measuring spoon, or the back of a spoon can also make the shape for you.
  • Many of these recipes can be customized to your taste. Change the flavor of jam or nut to your liking.
  • Most of these cookies can be frozen before or after adding the jam to them, which makes it an easy decision to make a big batch or make them whenever you have time. If you freeze them, be sure to place them in a freezer bag for protection.
  • Thumbprint cookies are a great project for the whole family. Children can join in on making them too.

1. Almond Butter Thumbprints by Sense and Edibility

These mantecaditos AKA almond-flavored butter cookies are easy to make and freezer friendly. Fill them with guava jelly and cherries or pick for a wonderful flavor!

2. Lemon Curd Cookies by Rich and Delish

These shortbread thumbprint cookies are filled with homemade lemon curd for a refreshing zesty treat. Add some white chocolate to make it even tastier.

3. Classic Thumbprint Cookies by Spend with Pennies

These buttery cookies are rolled in nuts for an extra crunchy treat. You can’t stop at just one!

4. Vegan Lemon Thumbprints by Ai Made It For You

Make a vegan option to share with everyone this year! This recipe uses lemon for a sunny cookie, but you can use other citrus fruit like orange and yuzu for this cookie.

5. Blueberry Thumbprints by Through the Fibro

These vegan and gluten-free cookies are loaded with oats and blueberry chia jam for a satisfying cookie.

6. Cranberry Thumbprints by Ai Made It For You

Have extra cranberry sauce? These shortbread cookies with a cranberry sauce center make a perfect holiday cookie.

7. Raspberry Lemon Thumbprint Cookies by Masala Herb

Lemon and raspberry are the ultimate delicious flavor combination. You’re going to want to make these all year long.

8. Twix Thumbprints by Fantabulosity

If you love Twix candy, then you need to make this Twix thumbprint recipe immediately. This is the perfect cookie with a gooey caramel center and chocolate drizzled on tip. Yum!

9. Pecan Pie Thumbprints by Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Not every thumbprint cookie has to have a jam filling. This cookie is filled with pecan pie, so you can get the seasonal flavors you crave in a perfectly portioned cookie!

10. Turtle Thumbprint Cookies by If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen

Bring all of the flavors of turtle candies to thumbprint cookies with this easy and decadent recipe. This chocolate cookies is rolled in pecans and filled with caramel.

11. Shortbread Thumbprints by Boulder Locavore

Fill these delicate and light classic shortbread cookies with your favorite jam to make the perfect seasonal treat.

12. Easy Thumbprints by Crystal and Comp

This recipe uses a cookie mix to make the easiest thumbprint cookies ever.

13. Pecan Thumbprint Cookies by 3 Boys and a Dog

Pop a pecan into the center of a thumbprint for a treat that has the perfect balance of sweet and crunchy.

14. Buckeye Thumbprints by Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt

Peanut butter lovers are going to want to grab a few of these buckeye thumbprints. The peanut butter and chocolate combination is a novel take on thumbprint cookies, but they are dreamy and delicious!

15. Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookies by Homebody Eats

These salted caramel cookies have a chocolate base to hold the caramel centers. These would pair perfectly with a cup of cocoa on a cold winter day.

With all these cookies, you can fill your holiday cookie tray with everyone’s favorite type. Plus, these recipes will have everyone raving about what a great baker you are. If you make too many, these cookies make great party favors or just-because gifts.

And you can always store them to keep for yourself. Thumbprint cookies will last 3-5 months or more in the freezer if kept in an airtight container.

But first, let me know which ones you’re making. I’ll come over and help you eat them!

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