100 Best Halloween Food ideas for a Scary-Good Time

October is here, which means Halloween is near. If you’re planning a Halloween party or just want to make some Halloween snacks and goodies for yourself or the kids, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these 100 best Halloween food ideas for a scary-good time.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not also make it a fun meal on a fun day?

1. Halloween Smoothie Bowl – The Vegan Spoon

This Halloween smoothie bowl is made with sweet berries, a yogurt spider web, and fake spiders for a creepy but healthy Halloween breakfast.

2. Pop Tart Ghosts – The Simple Sweet Life

These pop tart ghosts are full of chocolate hazelnut spread and covered with icing, making them a cute hand-held item for breakfast. You won’t want store-bought toaster pastries after these!

3. Bloody guts cinnamon rolls – Mom’s Diner

Believe me when I say these spooky bloody gut cinnamon rolls are gross and gory. Try these for breakfast or as a Halloween dessert.

4. Halloween Pancakes – House of Nash Eats

Turn a classic pancake stack into a Halloween one with these orange, black, and white pancakes topped with fake blood syrup!

5. Jack-o’- Lantern Waffles – Anne’s Entitled Life

This happy jack-o’-lantern waffle has a sweet smile that will make the kids smile too, and it’s easy peasy to make.

6. Pumpkin-Shaped Bagels – Drugstore Divas

These pumpkin-shaped bagels look adorable with little pretzel sticks sticking out of them. And they taste like sourdough bread, so you can serve them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

7. Creepy Halloween Bagels – Lovely Indeed

Save the candy for Halloween night. Make these healthier Halloween bagel mummies, ghosts, and vampires for breakfast or lunch.


8. Creamy Pumpkin Cauliflower Alfredo ‘Smashed Spider’ – The Forked Spoon

This creamy pumpkin cauliflower Alfredo dish is made with black pasta and a blend of veggies for the sauce, so the little ones won’t even know they’re eating healthy veggies for dinner.

9. Halloween Mummy Stromboli – xoxo Bella

How cute is this Halloween mummy stromboli? It makes a fun appetizer or the main dish at dinner.

10. Halloween Spider Meatloaf – Where is My Spoon

This extra tasty Halloween spider meatloaf is made like a typical meatloaf but has the added touch of sausages for legs and black olives for eyes. What a way to have some fun at Halloween dinner!

11. Taco Stuffed Mini Sweet Pepper Mummies – Healthy Family Project

These taco-stuffed mini sweet pepper mummies are a little bit spooky and a whole lot of fun. The kids will love helping wrap the peppers with crescent roll dough and placing candy eyes on them.

12. Ghost Pizzas – Crayons and Cravings

These mini ghost pizzas come together quickly and easily, so you and the kids have more time for trick-or-treating.

13. Halloween Party Sandwich – Delicious Table

This is one of those fun Halloween food ideas that is not too scary for those who don’t want their food to look like blood and guts. The bonus is you can use any deli meat and ingredients to make the sandwich to your liking.

14. Scary Spaghetti with Eyeballs – Clan Kitchen

You can make scary spaghetti with common items you probably already have in your pantry. It’s an economical and quick dinner for those busy nights when you have to get dinner on the table fast.

15. Spider Halloween Pizza with Black Charcoal Crust – xoxo Bella

This spidery pizza isn’t burned; it has a black charcoal crust! Add in some simple black spider olives and you have the perfect Halloween pizza.

16. Butternut Squash Bat Soup – A Worthey Read

How warm, cozy, and spooky is this butternut squash bat soup? Serve it with some crusty bread and you’ll have both adults and children raving about this dish!

17. Spooky Gnocchi – Wild Vegan Flower

These skull gnocchi are the most awesome Halloween-themed food. Serve it with your favorite sauce for an extra special Halloween dinner.


18. Pumpkin Pie Smoothie – House of Nash Eats

This pumpkin pie smoothie is full of fall flavors. It tastes like pumpkin pie but is much healthier so you can have it at any time of the day or even twice a day!

19.  Monster Milk – Drugstore Divas

This monster milk is not too spooky and has only four ingredients. Serve this healthy drink at breakfast or even to guests at your next Halloween party.

20. Halloween Punch – A Mummy Too

The children will light up when they see the gummy worms dangling out of this Halloween punch.

21. Purple People Eater Mocktail – Three Olives Branch

This cocktail or mocktail has an amusing bluish purple color and ping pong eyeball to give you a spook while you drink it.

22. Hocus Pocus Punch – Crayons and Cravings

This gorgeous orange punch is inspired by one of the best Halloween movies there is – Hocus Pocus. Made with only three ingredients, it’s easy to whip up for a quick sweet treat.

23. Candy Corn Hot Chocolate – The Magical Slow Cooker

Did you know that hot chocolate can be orange? The secret is in the white chocolate chips. Make this even more delicious with some sprinkles, marshmallows, and syrup on top. Yum!

24. Polyjuice Potion – Baking Beauty

If you or your kids love Harry Potter, stir up the magical Halloween spirit with this delicious Polyjuice potion.

25. Witch’s Brew Punch – We Dish it Up

This witch’s brew can have fingers, eyeballs, spiders, and anything else that floats in it to make up the ingredients of the brew. Plus, it’s tasty too!

26. Hocus Pocus Halloween Float – Infinite Taste

Rainbow sherbet, grape soda, and gummy worms make this ice cream float a hit. Serve it in a martini glass for an extra wow!

27. Blood Bags – Finding Zest

These red IV bags look like the real deal, perfect for kids who want a shocking drink.

Witch-themed food

28. Witch Cauldron Mug Cake – Bitz n Giggles

This chocolate mug cake makes a perfect dessert with its witch cauldron and Halloween sprinkles. The best part is that they only take 90 seconds to make!

29. Witch Finger Sugar Cookies – Midget Momma

These witch finger sugar cookies look like real fingers! The kids will have so much fun munching on them.

30. Witch Boot Cookies – Buttercream Parties

Knock the socks off your guests with these pretty witch boot cookies.

31. Witch Cupcakes – The Simple Sweet Life

These dark and creep witch cupcakes look like they are difficult to make, but you can have them ready to serve in 30 minutes!

32. Witch’s Brew Halloween Bark – Marathons and Motivation

This witch’s brew Halloween bark is easy enough for children to join in making. Kids will love adding candies, worms, frogs, and more to this colorful bark.

33. Hocus Pocus Charcuterie Board – Healthy Family Project

If you love the movie Hocus Pocus, you’ll love this creative charcuterie board that brings the three witches into food form. Everyone will be amazed at your creation!

34. Hocus Pocus Spell Book Brownies – Cheese Curd in Paradise

These Hocus Pocus spell books are such a creative nod to the movie. They’re super fudgy and delicious too!

35. Halloween Witch Chips and Guacamole – Marathons and Motivation

What’s a Halloween party without some chips and dip? This one has plenty of vegetables too to make it an extra healthy treat.

36. Cauldron Popcorn – Rainy Day Mum

This goblin green popcorn can be served as a Halloween party snack or a treat for trick-or-treaters. Serve them in mini cauldrons for an extra festive touch.

37. Halloween Witch Ice Cream Sundaes – Nibble and Dine

These Halloween witch ice cream sundaes are made in about 10 minutes with only a few ingredients. Plus, the kids can decorate the witch faces as they’d like.

Mummy-themed food

38. Mummy Hand Pies – Texan Erin

It’s hard to find Halloween treats that aren’t overly processed. These mummy hand pies with their strawberry jam filling are adorable, tasty, and gluten-free.

39. Puff Pastry Sausage Mummies – By Andrea Janssen 

These darling puff pastry sausage mummies make a great finger food and are so easy to make. Watch out for those eyes following you!

40. Mummy Meatballs – In the Kids Kitchen 

Those cute mummy meatballs are a great non-candy treat so the kids can get some protein to balance out the sweets of Halloween night 

41. Mummy Meatloaf – Amanda’s Cookin 

This mummy meatloaf is a great way to get the kids to eat dinner. They can even help decorate the mummy with its mashed potato wrap. 

42. Instant Pot Halloween Mummy Dogs – Corrie Cooks 

These mummy dogs come together in just 15 minutes making them perfect for a quick snack or meal. 

43. Halloween Mummy Candy Bombs – Made in a Pinch 

These mummy candy bombs make a great gift for Halloween parties or just for you and the kids to enjoy. Have fun cracking them open!

Pumpkin-themed food

44. Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats – Tasty Treats and Eats 

Who can resist rice krispies in the shape of a pumpkin? Give these away as treats or snack on them yourself.

45. Chocolate Covered Strawberries Pumpkin Patch – Liv Gluten Free

These fresh strawberries are dipped in orange chocolate and placed on cookie crumbs making you feel like you’re enjoying an edible pumpkin patch!

46. Buffalo Chicken Jack-o’-Lantern Stuffed Peppers – xoxo Bella

These jack-o’-lateen peppers are stuffed with buffalo chicken making them both delicious and fun to eat. 

47. Pumpkin Gnocchi – Marathons and Motivation

Give a twist to this classic Italian dish with pumpkin flavoring. You’ll get all the comfort of gnocchi with a taste of fall. 

48. Pumpkin Dip – Love From the Oven

This pumpkin dip takes minutes to make and can be eaten with anything – veggies, pretzels, fruit, and more.

49. Instant Pot Halloween Pumpkin Empanadas – Corrie Cooks

These pumpkin empanadas have the flavor of pumpkin pie and you can make them in your Instant Pot. 

50. Pumpkin Cheese Ball – Food, Folks, and Fun

This pumpkin cheese ball comes together in just a few minutes with delicious cream cheese and salami for a nice smoky and salty flavor. And it comes out to only $0.30 per serving. 

51. Pumpkin Shaped Cinnamon Rolls – xoxo Bella

These pumpkin cinnamon rolls make for a tasty and sweet breakfast and are simple enough that a beginner baker can make them.

Monster-themed food

52. Monster Mash Popcorn – Cooking With Curls

This sweet Halloween popcorn is crazy fun and delicious with its green chocolate, candy eyes, and purple pretzels. 

53. Healthy Halloween Monster Mouths – Texan Erin

These Halloween monster mouths use fruit, jam, nut butter, and seeds for a healthy snack the kids can have at any time. 

54. Halloween Monster Donuts – The Inspiration Edit

The kids will love munching on these green monster donuts. You can even pair it with a reading of Where the Wild Things Are. 

55. Frankenstein Halloween Pretzel Rod – Mimosas and Motherhood

These Frankenstein pretzel rods are no-bake and easy to customize to your favorite Halloween colors. 

56. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Monster Cookies – House of Nash Eats

These monster cookies are perfect for anyone who loves a combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Who doesn’t?

57. Frankenstein Donuts – xoxo Bella

Everyone will love these Frankenstein donuts that are filled with a fall apple spice flavor. 

58. Monster Sloppy Joes – Mooshu Jenne

Play with basic foods and turn them into monsters with this budget-friendly sloppy joe.

59. Strawberry Halloween Monsters – Veggie Desserts

These strawberry monsters are sweet enough to be a Halloween treat but healthy enough to be a nutritious snack. Make plenty because they’ll be gone in a flash!

60. Halloween Monster Veggie Tray – Maple and Mango

This is such a unique take on a monster veggie tray. Use any veggies that are easy to eat with the hands such as carrots and snap peas. 

61. Marshmallow Frankensteins – Amanda’s Cookin

These no-bake chocolate-dipped marshmallow Frankensteins are almost too adorable to eat.

Ghost-themed food

62. Ghost Halloween Rice Krispie Treats – You Say Potatoes

Give the classic Rice Krispie treat a ghoulish twist by turning them into fun ghosts. 

63. Halloween Ghost Grilled Cheese – The Cagle Diaries

These super simple Halloween ghost grilled cheese sandwiches can be made in 5 minutes or less. Change up the shapes with a variety of Halloween cookie cutters.

64. Ghost Doughnuts – Crayons and Cravings

These sweet ghost donuts can double as breakfast or a dessert.

65. Mini Marshmallow Ghost Treats – Braised and Deglazed

Enjoy the sweet taste of these homemade marshmallow ghosts. They freeze well too so you can make them well before you need them. 

66. Halloween Ghost Brownies – Love Em Blog

These fudgy brownies will delight with their cute ghosts baked right in!

67. White Chocolate Halloween Ghosts – Simply Happy Foodie

Frighten your trick-or-treaters with these scary ghost nut clusters. 

Spider-themed food

68. Spooky Spider Sandwiches – Mooshu Jenne

These spooky spider sandwiches are easy enough to make for lunch at school or to serve at a Halloween party. 

69. Halloween Spider Bagel Bites – Plant Based on a Budget

These spider bagel bites are frighteningly good!

70. Peanut Butter Spiders – Plant Based on a Budget

These peanut butter spiders are no-bake, vegan, and packed with protein for a healthy snack.

71. Spiderweb Cupcakes – Dancing Through the Rain

These spiderweb cupcakes are the perfect party treat. They’re not too spooky and can be made a day ahead of time.

72. Halloween Spinach Dip with Spiders – Two Pink Peonies

The olive spiders on top of this spinach dip are easy to make and will have people complimenting your creativity.

73. Spooky Spider Rice Cakes – A Mummy Too

Get a little food fright with these spider rice cakes. This treat is junk-food free and so easy that the kids can join in on decorating the spider webs.

74. Spooky Spider Eggs – Unique Gifter

This clever take on deviled eggs with olive spiders on top is the perfect Halloween appetizer.

75. Halloween Spider Pizza Potato Skins – Three Olives Branch

These pizza potato skins are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a snack.

Bat-themed food

76. Oreo Bat Truffles – Maria’s Mixing Bowl

These Oreo bat truffles take only three ingredients and taste like chocolaty heaven!

77. Oreo Bat Cupcakes – Lemon Blossoms

These Oreo bat cupcakes have a delicious cookies and cream frosting to complement the chocolate cake. They’re fun to decorate too!

78. Bat Sugar Cookies – The Six Figure Dish

The kids will have so much fun dipping these bat cookies into black icing and pouring sugar sprinkles on top.

79. Bat Donuts – The Simple Sweet Life

There’s no need to be afraid of these bats. These chocolatey sweet bat donuts don’t bite!

80. Bats and Cats Chocolate Graham Crackers – The Educators Spin on It

With just a touch of sweetness from maple syrup, these graham crackers are healthy enough to pack in school lunches all month long leading up to Halloween.

81. Halloween Cheese Ball Bat Bites – The Inspiration Edit

These little cheese balls are the perfect Halloween party food because everyone can have their own. No one has to share or fight over the big cheese ball.

82. Batwings Halloween Dinner – Fun Happy Home

If you or your kids love frightful foods, these batwings are as creepy as they come.

83. Fruit Bat Skewers – Tikkido

Add these fruit bat skewers to your Halloween party platter. They’re healthy to eat and fun to make.

84. Halloween Bat Crackers and Dip – Mum Central

These bat crackers come with a beet and apple dip so you can sneak in the veggies while still enjoying Halloween.

Skeleton & bones-themed food

85. Bone Breadsticks – Made in a Pinch

Transform pizza dough from the grocery store into these festive bone breadsticks. Pair them with marinara sauce as a snack or as a side to dinner.

86. Skeleton Sugar Cookies – Buttercream Parties

These skeleton sugar cookies may look intimidating to make but they’re not with a bit of line and dot work. Everyone will love them!

87. Halloween Skull Cake – Lemon Blossoms

This Halloween skull cake looks positively professionally made. But you can make it easily with store-bought mix and some chocolate buttercream filling.

88. Pepperoni Cheese Ball Skull – Sula and Spice

Speaking of spooky snacks, this pepperoni cheese ball skull is creepy but tastes delicious!

89. Veggie Pizza Skulls – Daisarella

Add these cute pizza skulls to dinner all month long for a bit of frightful fun.

90. Jack Skellington Sugar Cookies – Midget Momma

These Jack Skellington sugar cookies remind me of The Nightmare Before Christmas. They are so creepy!

Bloody-themed food

91. Edible Glass Shard Bloody Red Velvet Cupcakes – Ashlee Marie

If you like scary foods, these cupcakes will win you over with their edible glass shards and fake blood.

92. Bloody Killer Cake – Life with Lorelai

Follow up the above cupcake with this bloody killer cake. It works perfectly for a murder mystery themed event too.

93. Bloody Halloween Bones Bark – Crayons and Cravings

Bark candy isn’t only for Christmas. Make this bloody bone bark with only 5 ingredients and give it as treats or party favors.

94. Bloody Popcorn with Bones – Finding Zest

This bloody popcorn can be served to party guests, packed as a treat, or snacked on at any time.

95. Bloody Band-Aids Halloween Snack – Slap Dash Mom

These bloody band-aids Halloween snack can be made at the last minute in just 10 minutes.

96. Blood Splatter Oreo Cookies – Cutefetti

These blood splatter Oreo cookies are probably the easiest recipe in this whole collection. Made with just 2 ingredients, you can put them together in minutes.

97. Bloody Eyeball Brownies – Texan Erin

Talk about creepy, these bloody eyeball brownies might make you cringe, but they taste so good!

98. Bloody Severed Finger Hot Dogs – Salty Canary

So this is the real meaning of finger food, eh? These finger hot dogs are inexpensive too.

99. Bloody Spider Web Chocolate Tart – Kitchen Mason

This spider web chocolate tart may just be the best Halloween dessert ever. There’s no baking involved and you get a sanguineous surprise when you cut into it.

100. Halloween Jello Brain – Simply Happy Foodie

This Halloween jello brain looks awesome and creepy but tastes good with its strawberry flavoring.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. There’s so much to see and do – eat sweets, decorate the house, go trick-or-treating, watch scary movies, and attend Halloween parties. There’s no shortage of delightful Halloween-themed food either. The ideas above will keep you in the Halloween spirit for the whole month. Which recipe are you going to make first?

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